Enrollment Open for Our Lady of Victory School 2017 - 18

The University of Notre Dame has done a study to determine advantages of a Catholic School Education. Here are their results:

1) Catholic schools tend to operate as communities rather than bureaucracies, which links to higher levels of teacher commitment, student engagement, and student achievement.
2) The Catholic school climate, mission, and purpose positively impact student achievement and attendance.
3) A faith-based orientation builds coherence and integration of schools and school community.
4) In Catholic schools, the student achievement gap is smaller than in public schools.
5) In Catholic Schools, overall academic achievement is higher.
6) Latino and African American students in Catholic schools are more likely to graduate from high school and college.
7) Students with multiple disadvantages benefit most from Catholic schools
8) The poorer and more at-risk the student, the greater the relative achievement gains in Catholic schools.
9) Graduates of Catholic high schools are more likely to vote and earn higher wages.
10) Catholic schools tend to produce graduates who are more civically engaged, more tolerant of diverse views, and more committed to service as adults.
For more details, go to https://ace.nd.edu/advocates/whycatholic-schools/research-on-the-case-for-catholic-schools