It was so wonderful to celebrate Easter Mass with ten neophytes in April. However, when adults wish to become Catholic, it involves a lot of courage to give voice to their spiritual longing, simply because many people receive these sacraments as children, or maybe because they are new to the parish, and they might not know whom to ask. One of our neophytes shared that the most challenging was for her is to give action to her yearning about wanting to know more about God and to deepen her relationship with God through receiving the sacraments. She was also eager to help her children to receive the sacraments, but it took her a while until they reached out. They are so happy that they became part of our parish. They continue nurturing their faith by participating in weekly Mass and they have been volunteering at both carnivals which have helped them get to know our parishioners even better. We would like to ask your help: if you or someone you know, is interested in Becoming Catholic, or completing the Sacraments of Initiation by Receiving Communion and/or Being Confirmed, please call Sr. Bea in the rectory at (203) 934-6357. Thank you. Classes will start in September.