OLOV Garden Committee

Do you like to garden? Do plants thrive in your care? Would you have an hour to spare to help with the rewarding project of beautifying the grounds around our church? If so, this may be the committee for YOU! We are looking for several people to form the "OLOV Garden Committee." This group would be willing to take responsibility to coordinate, cultivate, plant, weed, prune and generally enhance the landscaping beds around the church. This team of volunteer gardeners will provide a coordinated effort to establish and maintain continuity of maintenance of these areas. This will most likely be a popular ministry; those who sign up early will be given first priority. Once a list of people has been established, we will meet to discuss common goals and how to best accomplish this beautification project.
If you are interested in this effort to brighten, lighten and enlighten the church grounds, please call or email Anita Soracco at (832) 527-4773 or email at acsoracco@yahoo.com
We have Fr. Dillon's blessing and encouragement for this project.