The Brian D. Nugent Campership

The Brian D. Nugent Campership will provide $300 for one student in each category: (K-Grd 4) (Grd 5-8) (Grd 9-12) to attend a camp or take a lesson in an effort to better themselves and ultimately better the world. Camps / lessons (not limited to summer time) can range from Astronomy to Sports to Zoology! Students must reside in Cheshire or West Haven, CT, OR be a child living in CT, having a parent employed by UTC. Students who have submitted essays in the past, but have not won, are encouraged to write again!

The deadline is whichever comes first, 3/17/19 or when 50 essays are received. Submissions are to include name, school, grade and topic you are writing about.
Choose one topic: Kindergartners & 1st graders are welcome to submit illustrations with their essays.
      - An event or experience in which you appreciated the importance of family.
      *An event or a sacrament received, that brought you closer to God.
      *An event or experience that gave you a better understanding of the role of a police officer.
      *A teacher or coach that you are certain, changed you as a person.
      *An event in your community in which you and other residents came together for a greater good.
Finished masterpieces can be emailed

Brian D. Nugent grew up in West Haven, CT, the youngest of five children. From a young age his time was divided between family, school, church activities and sports. These were the very things that continued to define him in his adult years. Mr. Nugent, diagnosed with cancer in June of 2014, passed away October 4th, 2014. Throughout his illness he was courageous and as best he could, continued to put others first. He touched many lives and is very much missed.
After graduating from UNH, Mr. Nugent opened Nugent's Pot Belly Luncheonette. With his first child on the way, he embarked on a career as a West Haven police officer. When an injury forced him to retire from the force, he began a long and successful career with United Technologies Corporation. At the time of his passing he held the position of corporate ombudsman. Always with a smile on his face, a kind word to share and a song in his heart, he led by example. Mr. Nugent's deep love for God and unshakable faith, guided him throughout his life and comforted him throughout his illness.
Mr. Nugent always made family his #1 priority. When not at work, he was supporting his children and his community, through church, school, coaching and scouting activities. It is what he did best. Though gone, his wife, children and friends carry on his legacy and through this campership, continuing to touch the lives of children in his memory.