Lectors proclaim the Word at weekend Masses, Holiday Masses and when called upon. They proclaim"the Word effectively" so that Jesus, the Word of God, is once again among us. They recognize that the Ministry of the Word serves God and the people in a most important way.
Members believe that to be a Lector is not a job but a beautiful, meaningful ministry and a privilege. The Lectors believe that the ministry of the Word is a ministry of the people for the people and that this ministry is a prayer for them, that they are proclaiming not just any word, but the Word of God.
Members should have the ability to articulate and speak clearly in front of people. They should be responsible and dedicated to the ministry, taking the time to read the Word before Mass, come on time, be respectful, have a pleasant personality and a willingness to develop the skills needed to communicate God's message well.

Time Commitment: Lectors meet as needed. There is a rotating schedule which results in their serving at 1 or 2 Masses per month, depending on the number of lectors.