RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

This ministry provides awareness and evangelization within the parish community in that the parish is the primary minister of the RCIA process. Members of this ministry help to provide faith formation and discernment of God's gifts for those whose journey of faith leads them to discipleship within the Catholic Church. The team welcomes new members and incorporates the fully initiated into the parish communities. Roles needed: catechists, sponsors, hospitality persons and prayer planner.
Those called to this ministry should be in touch with their own faith story and have a willingness to share it with others, while respecting God's presence and graces within another's life as they respond to God's call. Participation in this ministry provides an opportunity to strengthen and update one's own faith. Sponsors experience a sense of renewal and satisfaction in bringing a candidate to the fullness of faith. All involved grow in humility and gratitude as they come to a deeper realization of God's goodness, generosity and mercy.

For information regarding please contact the parish office (203) 934-6357 or olovrectory@yahoo.com

Time Commitment:Weekly sessions of 1 1/2 hours are held from September to Pentecost. In addition, three Rites are held during Sunday Mass.